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AlchemistDAOis a community of innovative data-nerds within the Covalent network, breaking barriers and creating a new economy powered by data. Have the opportunity to explore aspirations, pursue queries, and own your future in a space where contributions become currency.

Join us & Leave a LegacyWe believe that everyone should have access to education, a high-quality network, career opportunities, and a safe space to explore their purpose. AlchemistDAO is a place where barriers are broken and ideas come to life.

Benefits of Being an Alchemist

1. Guilds

Explore, join, or create a guild family of your own. Make new friends during the process!

2. Access Partners

Connect with top-tier partners, industry leaders, & expand your career path opportunities.

3. NFTs

Earn, create, redeem, or use NFT POAPs exclusively available to Alchemists.

4. Network

Meet talented individuals & industry leaders with various skill-sets from around the globe.

5. Access Budgets

Be part of the decision making with budget distribution or have the chance to get projects funded.

6. Passion Projects

Share , implement, and watch an idea come to life. Get the support you need.

Explore, join, or create a guild family of your own.

Meet friends. Work on projects. Leave a legacy.


Marketing & Growth

Mental Health





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One Billion Lives Changed.

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